DesignCon Panel Discusses Move to 48 V Motherboards

February 3, 2016

designcon logo 2016Robert Gendron, our VP marketing and business development, was recently invited to participate in a panel at DesignCon that discussed the call from Google for 48 V to be used to distribute power on motherboards to cut the wasted power in data center servers.

During the discussion, Robert highlighted the fact that Vicor has been supplying 48 V power components for FPGAs and DSPs for a decade, giving us unmatched expertise that can be applied to server motherboards.

Robert Gendron, PicorAlthough some of the panelists highlighted the challenges associated with locating regulators physically close to processors, Robert was keen to let people know what has already been achieved, pointing out that today Vicor’s power components, “use a 3D package suitable for placing near a processor socket”.

The panel also gave us a glimpse of what might be in development, with Robert suggesting that engineers were working on moving the regulators even closer to the processor when he commented that, “a future version will use an even denser package that could be placed under the socket”.

Panelists included Neil O’Sullivan, a power group manager at Google and David Figueroa, director of enterprise power solutions at Intel. Read more about the discussions in the EE Times story, Google, Intel Prep 48V Servers.


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