The Most Popular Blog Posts in 2015

January 25, 2016

We are always working to generate content that engineers find useful, so we frequently check our website analytics to find out which topics are most important to power designers.

Here are the top 10 posts that we wrote in 2015. It’s clear that power engineers want a mixture of content from products to articles about technology – for example our article on soft switching, which was the 2015 post with the most views, and the white paper that explains how to eliminate bulk capacitance, which was second, despite only being posted in December. There was strong interest in our new products, particularly the new PFMs in VIA Packaging, our Buck-Boost Converters and stories about DC-DC Converter Modules (DCMs).

1 Soft Switching Needn’t Be Hard
An explanation of soft switching converter topologies
2 White Paper Explains How to Reduce Power System Size by Eliminating Bulk Capacitance
Learn how to reduce system size by using FPA to eliminate bulk capacitance
3 Flexible Buck-Boost Converter from Vicor Offers 98% Efficiency
News of the launch of the Picor Cool-Power PI3749 buck-boost regulator
4 New DCMs Extend Flexible Family of DC-DC Converters
Extension of the range of CHiP DCMs – the “Swiss Army Knife” of converters
5 Back to Basics: A Guide to Different Power Architectures
An explanation of CPA, DPA, FPA and other power system architectures
6  Designing Parallel Arrays of DCMs for High-Power Applications
Technical article that explains how to parallel Vicor’s flexible DCMs
7 7 Ways to Shrink Your Power System
Seven ideas to increase the power density and reduce size of power systems
8 High Power Density AC-DC Front-Ends Made Easy
Announcement of the new PFMs in VIA Packaging
9 Li-Ion Battery Cell Test System
The design of a battery test system explained by one of our engineers
10 Radiological Imaging Flat Panel Display
A low-profile power solution for a portable display


it’s not just the new posts that have power engineers clicking! Our most popular content tends to be general technology overviews on topics such as EMI and Y-caps that were posted a couple of years ago. Here’s 2015’s list of the most popular posts of all time.

1 Back to Basics: What are Y-Capacitors?
Learn about these important filtering components
2 Back to Basics: Power Factor
What does Power Factor mean and why must we correct it?
3 Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)
What it is and why it’s important for Buck Voltage Regulation
4 Importance of Switching Frequency
The impact of switching frequency on converter performance
5 Back to Basics: Meeting EMI for AC-DC Systems
Practical suggestions for minimizing EMI


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