I Clicked the Mouse Four Times and an AC-DC Power System Design Appeared

January 28, 2016

Our new PowerBench Power System Designer makes it easy to architect and analyze power chains, even when you have an AC input. Consider the design of a power system for a Road Toll Booth, one of our Whiteboards of the Week. It takes a 115/230 V AC input and provides three DC outputs:

  • 12 V at 2 A for power LEDs
  • 3 V at 1 A for a digital control unit
  • 24 V at 10 A for a DC motor to lift the toll barrier

Architecting a solution for this application is easy. To start simply go to our PowerBench Tools page and click on “Design” to start the Power System Designer.

vicor powerbench tools

Figure 1 – Click on “Design” to start the Power System Designer

When the Power System Designer starts, simply enter the parameters for your system into the online form. If you don’t have a specification (for example for max and min input voltage), just leave those boxes blank: the system will work out a reasonable value for you.

Vicor Power System Designer

Figure 2 – Enter the parameters for your system

Click on “Search for a System”. You’ll see the loading image appear (although only for a couple of seconds) and then a set of available solutions will be displayed.

In this case there are two solutions suggested. Solution 1 clearly is the optimal solution, offering the best performance on all five metrics used by the Power System Designer. Solution 2 matches the first solution for component count. For other systems, you might see several solutions and need to select the best one based on the metric(s) that is most important for your application.

Alternative Solutions Presented by Vicors Power System Designer

Figure 3 – Select the best solution based upon the metrics most relevant to your application

We’ll choose Solution 1. Simply click on the name, and a Whiteboard opens up with the suggested design.

Vicor PowerBench Whiteboard

Figure 4 – Use the PowerBench Whiteboard to Analyze your design

You’re now able to analyze and tweak the design using the PowerBench Whiteboard tool, which will also show you the mechanical layout if required.

It’s that simple! Four clicks and you have an AC-DC power chain optimized for your application. Test out the Power System Designer today and see how it can help you develop optimized power chains quickly and easily.


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