Maurizio Salato to Present Novel Non-Isolated Architecture for 48 V Systems at INTELEC 2015

October 15, 2015

Intelec 2015Maurizio Salato, director, power systems engineering at Vicor will present a new power architecture for equipment using a 48 V bus at INTELEC 2015. Traditionally equipment such as telecommunications and data processing systems that use a 48 V bus have chosen isolated bus converters, which offer less power density and lower efficiency than is possible with non-isolated components.

In this paper, Maurizio explains why modern systems may not require isolation of the 48 V bus. He highlights benefits of eliminating the isolation, which go beyond the higher performance that is possible from a non-isolated bus converter.

If you are planning to visit INTELEC this year, come to hear this thought-provoking presentation:

  • TS19-4 Re-Architecting 48V Power Systems With a Novel Non-Isolated Bus Converter
  • Part of TS19, High Efficiency and High Density Power Supplies 3
  • Tuesday 20 October 13:30 – 15:35
  • Held in the Toki Room (8F)

INTELEC 2015 is the 37th International Telecommunications Energy Conference, and will be held on 18 to 22 October in Namba, Osaka, Japan.


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