New Power System Designer Helps Engineers Select Best Solution

September 15, 2015

Last week Vicor launched the PowerBench Power System Designer, a new tool that significantly reduces the time and effort required to select the best power chain to meet the needs of engineers’ specific applications.

The Power System Designer offers two ways to select power components. The first searches for a particular component based on parametric specifications. Engineers can select input and output voltages; output current or power; regulation or fixed-ratio conversion; and select if isolation is required.

The new tool also offers advanced capabilities for systems requiring multiple-output power chains, allowing power system developers to quickly design an optimal high-level block diagram of a complete solution using Vicor products.

Entering Parameters for Power Chain With Three Outputs

Entering Parameters for Power Chain With Three Outputs (click to enlarge)

The Power System Designer analyzes all possible solutions, identifying the best solutions for each of five different figures of merit:

  • Highest Operating Efficiency: highest overall efficiency of the complete system at its maximum operating power
  • Lowest Component Count: lowest number of Vicor components
  • Lowest Cost: lowest cost of the Vicor components in the solution (based upon standard pricing)
  • Smallest Footprint: smallest surface area of Vicor components + required components
  • Recommended Best Fit: solution comprising of the average of the four figures of merit above

Power System Designer Offers Solutions Based on Five Figures of Merit

Power System Designer Offers Solutions Based on Five Figures of Merit (click to enlarge)

Engineers choose the best solution for their particular needs, and can then export the power chain to the PowerBench Whiteboard, allowing them to optimize and analyze the solution they selected to ensure it fully meets the requirements of their application.

The new Power System Design from Vicor is a revolutionary tool that reduces development time, eliminating the need to sift through data sheets, have knowledge of the relative advantages of different power architectures and make time-consuming calculations by hand. Engineers can also be confident they have selected the best solution, in terms of architecture and components, to meet the requirements of their application.

Try the Power System Designer today:

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