Meet Vicor at Motiv8

September 30, 2015

We will be participating in the Motiv8 Power and Sensors Forum in Cambridge UK on the 15 October and Oxford, UK on 20 October. At the event, you’ll be able to see our latest high-performance power components, as well as the enhancements to our innovative online power system design tools suite, PowerBench.

In the morning you will be able to listen to our technical presentation, “Using Zero Voltage Switching Techniques to Maintain Better Step-Down Converter Efficiency, even with High Input Voltage.” This session will explain how our novel power components enable conversion direct from 48 V to the load, significantly reducing the energy wasted in modern systems.

During the afternoon, we will run a workshop titled, “Theory to Reality: Designing Real World Power Supplies”. In this session you will learn how to use design tools and evaluation boards to create power chains that deliver the real-world performance you need. The session uses current sharing and interleaving in the examples discussed.

You can also discuss your particular power design challenges with our Application Engineers at the event. They’ll be happy to help you architect high-performance power chains from the source to point-of-load, show you the new Power System Designer tool and explain how to develop power systems quickly and easily using the power component design methodology.

meet vicor at Motiv8 2015

More Information:

The Motiv8 Power Forums are being held in Cambridge on the 15th of October and Oxford on the 20th of October.



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