Powered by Vicor Seminar Comes to Illinois

August 27, 2015

Powered by Vicor SeminarsThe popular Powered by Vicor seminar series, which has attracted power system designers from around the world, will be held in Lombard, Illinois, USA on Tuesday, September 29. Attendees will learn about key considerations when designing high performance power systems, and how to use the Power Component Design Methodology to ease the power design challenge.

At this technical seminar engineers will:

  • REVIEW power system design considerations covering the challenges in power design
  • GAIN insight of the Power Component Design Methodology and its benefits to the power design engineer
  • DISCUSS the products that enable the Power Component Design Methodology
  • LEARN about on-line tools that ease the design process and be able to interact with examples of real life designs

The seminar will benefit engineers of all levels, both power specialists and those for whom power design is only part of their role.

After the event, Vicor Applications Engineers will be available to discuss specific power design challenges on a one-to-one basis.

Click here to register for the Powered by Vicor seminar today.


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