The Most Popular New Blog Posts This Year

July 1, 2015

Whenever we’ve looked at the most popular Powerblog posts, technical stories such as the Back to Basics series were high up on the Top 10 list. Whether it’s learning about power factor, understanding Y-capacitors or finding out about zero voltage switching (ZVS), some topics will always be important to engineers.

Power system design changes rapidly, with new products and technologies enabling better approaches to solving the challenge of delivering electrical power from source to the load.  So we thought it would be interesting to look at the most popular recent blog posts in the last six months to discover the hot topics in power design.


1 New DCMs Extend Flexible Family of DC-DC Converters
ChiP DCMs are flexible DC-DC converters for a wide range of applications
2 Back to Basics: A Guide to Different Power Architectures
Our new guide to the way power architectures have evolved
3 Flexible Buck-Boost Converter Offers 98% Efficiency and Over 200 W
Our new buck-boost converter with 16 to 34 V input
4 Soft Switching Needn’t Be Hard
An simple explanation of the operation of ZVS topologies
5 Radiological Imaging Flat Panel Display
ZVS Buck Regulators used to improve performance and reduce thickness
6 Li-Ion Battery Cell Test System
Bidirectional VTMs improve efficiency in this Whiteboard application
7 High Power Density AC-DC Front-Ends Made Easy with the New PFM in VIA Packaging Technology
Very popular new product that makes the top 10 despite being a recent announcement
8 DCM Arrays are Ideal Solution for Power-Hungry Applications from 320 W to 4.8 kW
Explanation of paralleling DCMs to meet higher power requirements
9 Using the DCM in a Power Chain for a Small Electric Car
An interesting automotive application shown on the PowerBench Whiteboard
10 Powering Highly Capacitive Loads with DC-DC Converters
A helpful guide to overcoming a comment power system challenge

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