EPDT Explains how PFM in the VIA Package Helps Engineers Meet Key Design Metrics

July 6, 2015

EPDT LogoEPDT recently published an article by Robert Russell, vice president of product marketing at Vicor, that explains how the PFM in VIA packaging technology allows engineers to use the Power Component Design Methodology to meet the demands of their application.

The article highlights the fact that the way power systems are designed has changed dramatically in the last 30 years, with modern systems based on power components looking very different to the old centralized power architectures of 30 years ago that used a single central power supply.

The article highlights the benefits of our new PFMs in the VIA package, a truly flexible AC-DC front-end power component that enables engineers to use the Power Component Design Methodology to develop power chains from AC right down to the Point of Load.

Read the article to understand how much power system design has changed, and to learn more about the PFM in the VIA package.

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