Video: The Benefits of the Power Component Design Methodology

June 15, 2015

In this video, Sean Crilly, our VP of Design Engineering, explains the benefits to our customers of using Vicor’s Power Component Design Methodology.

Transcript: The Benefits of the Power Component Design Methodology

The power component design methodology has been adopted by Vicor for some time and it is allowing our customers to put together exactly the power supply they need, from the wall plug to point-of-load, using building blocks that we have created that perform various power conversion functions.

Those power conversion functions can be PFC AC inputs, high voltage DC bus converters, followed by regulators, followed by point-of-load devices. They are available in various form factors from chassis-mount devices such as our new VIA products to surface-mount products at the point of load.

We believe the power component design methodology, as I mentioned, satisfies the needs of power systems in high performance applications. To help our customers and users understand the best suite of products to address a particular power need, we have developed a bunch of online tools that will help them choose the best products, understand how they are going to perform, and understand how they should be applied.

Those tools include the Solution Selectors, multi-power system designers, simulation tools and our new Whiteboard where they can fully understand the behavior of our products in the environment that they describe.

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