ICDCM 2015 Paper Describes Optimal Power Architectures for Datacenters

June 9, 2015

ICDCM Datacenter Power White PaperRead this paper by Maurizio Salato and Ugo Ghisla, which was originally presented at ICDCM 2015, to learn more about the use of high voltage DC power distribution to optimize datacenter power architectures.

Historically, power distribution has been overwhelmingly AC focused. This paper describes how advances in DC-DC converter technology has resulted in a “rediscovery” of 380V-400V DC distribution systems, which offers several advantages including improved power density, efficiency and power flow management.

This paper presents several new power system architectures that have been optimized for this class of applications. Each architecture presented uses a power component approach to minimize the number of conversion stages, maximize the use of available system elements, and reduce capital and operating costs. Register below to read Optimal Power Electronic Architectures for DC Distribution in Datacenters.

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