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June 5, 2015

ICDCM 2015At ICDCM (IEEE First International Conference On DC Microgrids), which will be held in Atlanta on 7 to 10 June, Maurizio Salato, Director, Systems Applications Engineering at Vicor, will present a paper titled Optimal Power Electronic Architectures for DC Distribution in Datacenters. Maurizio was invited to speak at this important event, and will be presenting in the Advanced Power Electronics I stream from 2:10 to 3:20pm in the Capital Meeting Room, Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.

Maurizio Salto VicorICDCM aims to bring together practitioners and researchers in the field of DC Microgrids and related technologies, following on from the successful First Conference on Local DC Electricity held in 2014. The event will address the opportunities for transformational changes in the electricity supply industry that are presented by the ability to generate, store and use DC electricity locally, rather than drawing power from long-range transmission and distribution networks. The environmental benefits, both the improved system efficiency and the use of clean DC energy sources such as solar PV systems, will be key themes.

Maurizio will discuss describe how new power components enable High Voltage DC (HVDC) power systems in datacenters, and the energy savings that can be achieved from this approach. For more information, or to register for the event, visit the ICDCM website.


More Information:

Read the Paper Presented at ICDCM

ICDCM is now over. You can read the paper that Maurizio Salato presented by clicking here.


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