Whiteboard: Fan Array Speed Control

May 5, 2015

Fan Array Power System WhiteboardTo improve efficiency and reduce noise, system designers need to control the speed of cooling fans. This Whiteboard shows a solution developed by Vicor applications engineer, Syed Saqib, whose customer needed to control a large array of fans.

In this design, a PRM and VTM pair are used to deliver up to 230 W from a 48 V DC supply with high efficiency that ranged from 89.5% to 91.3%, depending upon the fan speed. More importantly for this application, the PRM provided an easy way to dynamically control the speed of the fans at bandwidths of up to 30 Hz.

The customer also required a compact, low-profile power system. This was delivered by the Vicor VI Chip packaging, which meant that the power chain required only 1430mm2 of board real estate.

The Vicor Whiteboard allows you to experiment with designs, analyzing their performance to ensure you have the optimum power chain for your application. You can access this system developed by Syed: simply click here to open the fan array speed controller in the Vicor online Whiteboard.

This design is one of the applications we are posting in our Whiteboard of the Week series. Click here to find out more, and to explore other designs.

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