White Paper Explains How SAC Enables High-Performance Boost Converters

May 11, 2015

SAC White Paper - APEC 2015Most DC–DC converter solutions are buck converters. Boost converters are much less common, and most fail to deliver the performance expected of their buck counterparts. This white paper explains how Vicor’s Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) topology can be used to resolve the challenges and provide a high-performance converter that offers isolation, regulation and step-up voltage transformation.

Originally presented at APEC 2015 by Ankur Patel, a member of Vicor’s applications team, the paper describes a real world implementation of a 50 V to 200 V step-up DC–DC converter, along with data that characterizes the efficiency and power density of this solution compared to conventional approaches. The paper shows that the use of the SAC provides a 6% increase in efficiency, more than 4 times increase in power density and high gain factors.

To learn more about the benefits of SAC for boost regulators, register below for the white paper.

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