New BCM Enables Efficient HVDC Power Systems

May 19, 2015

VIABCM_2Today we announced our new BCM DC-DC Front-End Module in VIA packaging technology, which generates an isolated safety extra-low voltage (SELV) rail from a High Voltage DC (HVDC) supply. The new device is a K=1/8 DC-DC bus converter, producing 48 V at up to 1.75 kW from a nominal 380 V input at a higher efficiency (97.5%) and much greater power density than competitive solutions. The launch of the new VIA BCM enables source to point-of-load HVDC power systems to be developed quickly and easily using Vicor’s power component design methodology.

The new BCM in VIA packaging technology is one of the first power components to benefit from Vicor’s electrically and thermally adept VIA Packaging Technology. Designed for power density, efficiency, flexibility and scalability, the new BCM is just 9 mm high and is available in chassis-mount and PCB-mount configurations.

The VIA packaging technology also enables the integration of other system functions to reduce design time and risk. In addition to the isolation and voltage transformation offered by other Vicor BCMs, the BCM in VIA packaging technology integrates EMI filtering, transient protection and inrush current limiting.

The new BCM is flexible and scalable. Multi-kW arrays can be created by paralleling these components, allowing support for higher power applications. The VIA BCM allows intelligent monitoring with the integrated PMBus.

Applications such as datacenters, microgrids, ICT equipment, ATE and industrial systems, where HVDC power distribution is being rapidly adopted, will benefit from the new VIA BCM, while the bi-directional power processing capability further simplifies power systems where battery backup is used.

Vicor’s online PowerBench suite of tools, including the Whiteboard that allows engineers to architect and analyze power chains using the new component, fully support the new BCM, further reducing time to market and simplifying the design-in process.

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