High Power Density AC-DC Front-Ends Made Easy with the New PFM in VIA Packaging Technology

May 18, 2015

VIAPFM2Today Vicor announced PFMs in VIA packaging technology, front-end power components that provide a PFC regulated 24 V or 48 V SELV DC output from a universal AC input. With a 400 W output power, 93% peak efficiency and a power density of 8 W/cm³ (127 W/in³), the new PFMs in VIA packaging technology offer outstanding power density in a package that is one-fifth the thickness of traditional 1U supplies.

Built using Vicor’s VIA Packaging Technology, the new PFM is a thermally-adept solution that significantly minimises the footprint of the power system. With the 9 mm profile and a width of just 36 mm, the new PFM can be mounted on the sidewall of a typical 1U chassis, saving a significant amount of valuable real estate in the system. The PFM in a VIA package has a low thermal resistance, enabling it to be conduction cooled, further reducing the space required and increasing system reliability by eliminating the need for fans.

The universal AC input range of 85 to 264 V enables the development of systems that support worldwide mains power operation, while meeting all regulatory standards.

PFM front-end modules in VIA packaging technology are ideal for a wide range of applications, including small cell wireless base stations, size constrained LED lighting applications, industrial and automation systems. They enable the use of Vicor’s Power Component Design Methodology to develop complete power systems from AC to the point-of-load. The new PFMs are also fully supported by Vicor’s PowerBench online suite of design tools, including the Whiteboard.

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