Video: Sean Crilly Discusses Vicor’s Manufacturing Capabilities

April 10, 2015

In this video Sean Crilly, our VP of Design Engineering, discusses Vicor’s manufacturing capabilities, explaining how the company can supply such a wide range of products, while ensuring industry-leading quality standards.

Transcript: Vicor’s Manufacturing Capabilities

As you know, the bulk of our manufacturing takes place in Andover, Massachusetts. In Andover we have a 400,000 sq. ft. factory that has several lines, which are capable of building our older products, newer products and so on.

Those lines include a lot of automation, because we make approximately 15,000 devices per day in that factory. We make altogether, I believe, in our system about 8,000 active bills of materials. So to get it right every time – and we do – we need a lot of automation, a lot of computer integrated manufacturing. We need to ensure that the products we are building are built to the latest BOMs. So BOMs are downloaded in real time, test specs are downloaded in real time, according to the latest BOM or spec of the product involved.

Products are tested at various phases throughout the manufacturing process. At every phase the data is collected and stored. CPKs are monitored very closely, an automatically. If the CPK is dropping below two, which is our “bar”, that could indicate a yield issue. Yields are tracked very carefully: we are not happy with yields of 98%: we want yields of more than 99% for all the devices we make.

Our test automation is second-to-none: with respect to the test software used, the thoroughness of the testing, the integration with specs and PeopleSoft systems; the integration with our test data analysis systems. All this is done in real time as we test at various stages of assembly.

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