New Buck-Boost Regulators Provide High Efficiency PoL Conversion for Data Center Applications

April 14, 2015

New Buck Boost Regulator for Computing ApplicationsThe new Cool-Power PI3751 and PI3755 buck-boost regulators provide high performance point-of-load power delivery to processors and memory in server and data center applications. The devices meet the key standards, and are VR12.5+ and DDR3/4 compliant.

The new buck-boost regulators are designed for Factorized Power Architecture (FPA), and work in conjunction with VI Chip VTM current multipliers to provide a high-performance power system that optimizes energy use in computing applications. Used with the VTM, the new regulators provide a 48 V direct to point of load power solution.

Both devices offer a wide input voltage range of 38 V to 60 V and output voltage range from 38 V to 50 V. The PI3751 delivers up to 200 W continuous and 368 W peak output power; the smaller PI3755 has an output power of 100 W continuous and 170 W peak.

The new buck-boost regulators are built on Vicor’s ZVS topology, enabling the devices to deliver efficiencies over 98%, and to maintain high efficiency over the specified input voltage range. The high frequency operation of the ZVS topology (up to 2.5 MHz) also enables best-in-class power density and transient response.

The PI3751 is packaged in a 10 x 14 x 2.5mm LGA SiP module, while the PI3755 module measures 10 x 10 x 2.5mm. Both devices offer high levels of integration, including controller, power switches and support components. Only a single external inductor and minimal capacitors are required to form a complete DC-DC switching mode buck-boost regulator, reducing design risk and speeding time to market.


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