Flexible Buck-Boost Converter from Vicor Offers 98% Efficiency and Over 200 W Output Power

April 14, 2015

New Buck Boost Regulators from VicorWe’ve expanded our Cool-Power ZVS Regulator portfolio with the launch of three new buck-boost converters. These new devices take a wide input voltage range and output a regulated voltage, stepping the input up or down as required, a function that is frequently termed line stabilization.

The Picor Cool-Power PI3749 buck-boost regulator delivers regulated output voltage from 12 V to 34 V from a wide 16 V to 34 V input voltage, with an output current of up to 11.5 A. The flexibility of the device means it is ideal for a wide range of high performance applications including computing, communications, industrial, LED lighting, and battery systems.

By accepting a wide range of input voltages, and allowing a configurable output voltage, the PI3749 enables engineers to use one product to meet the requirements of a variety of systems, removing the need for multiple parts to be kept in stock.

The device delivers over 200 W, and for more demanding applications devices can be paralleled without any additional components, increasing output power using single wire current sharing.

The PI3749 offers high efficiency operation of over 98% across the range of input voltages, due to the use of Vicor’s ZVS topology, which minimizes switching loss. This topology also allows high frequency operation (up to 2.5 MHz), which enables best in class power density and transient response.

The new buck-boost regulator is packaged in an easy-to-use 10x14x2.5mm LGA System in Package (SiP), with integrated controller, power switches and support components. The high level of integration reduces board real estate required, minimizes design risk and speeds time to market. A single external inductor is required, with Eaton supplying a part designed specifically for the PI3749.


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