Advanced Power Simulation Webinar Analyzes Novel ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator

April 14, 2015

Advanced Power Simulation WebinarSimulation is an important part of power system development, allowing designers to understand the behavior of power components and ensure that their power chain meets the requirements of the application with the first layout.

In this two-part webinar, Chris Swartz, senior principal engineer at Vicor, uses SIMPLIS, a circuit simulation suite optimized for the design and development of power electronic circuits and systems, to walk through a simulation of a Vicor Cool-Power PI3749-00 ZVS Buck-Boost Regulator.

In the first session, Chris explains how piecewise-linear time domain circuit simulators like SIMPLIS differ from SPICE-based simulators. He then describes the ZVS Buck-Boost technology and walks through the model to be used.

The second part runs through a series of live simulations, showing how SIMPLIS accurately simulates the operation of the regulator during conditions such as start up, steady-state operation, transient load step, synchronization and AC analysis

During the webinar, Chris highlights how proper circuit simulation can help you find problems before they show up in your first layout, helping attendees deliver the smallest, highest performance solution to their customers with their first design. Click here to view this informative webinar today.


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