Video: How the Vicor PowerBench Whiteboard Helps Engineers

March 3, 2015

In this video, Sean Crilly, VP of Design Engineering, explains how the PowerBench Whiteboard is being used by engineers to architect and analyze power chains, helping them develop better power systems for their applications.

Transcript: How is the Whiteboard Helping Engineers to Develop Power Chains?

It’s being used by our customers to help them understand the full power solution, find the full power solution, and so on. It’s also of tremendous benefit to our own people who interface with our customers. So, for example, if we have sales and marketing folks, applications folks, who are meeting customers to discuss particular solutions, they can use the Whiteboard to describe the solutions that they are contemplating.

So if a solution is being developed for a particular customer, that solution can be mapped out on the Whiteboard. That Whiteboard link can be shared – obviously – with the customer, with people back in Vicor, can be used in the quotation process. The customer can use that link themselves to further understand – at the corners of the envelope, be it thermal or electrical – to understand how that solution will behave for them. They can tweak it, and so on and so forth.

So it’s a tool that’s obviously benefitting customer that understand it, that know it exists and that use it. But even before we have everybody using it, it is still a tool that can be used by our own folks, who interact with our customers, so that they will understand that solutions that are being designed are the best fit for a particular need.

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