Video: Using PowerBench is Like Using our Internal Product Design Tools

March 3, 2015

When you’re specifying a custom product or analyzing the performance of a power component, you want to have access to the best tools possible. As Sean Crilly, Vicor’s VP of Design Engineering explains, our PowerBench online tool suite provides you with more or less the same capabilities as our own internal engineers have when they develop new components.

Transcript: How do Tools for Customers Differ from Those Used Internally?

Under the covers they don’t differ that much, because if we have the tools developed properly in-house, to make the products, wouldn’t we make them available to our customers? We basically put a nicer-looking front end on them, because obviously the user interface we would use internally can be more rudimentary than anything we would want on our website. So we put a nicer front end on them.

Obviously we have to work with our IT folks to ensure that for the folks who are designing products online, we know who they are, that they are serious, that there is security, etc. There are all those web technologies that we need to include.

But under the covers, the actual code itself that is used to develop the products; the expert systems that are developing BOMs, specs, data sheets, etc. are the same. Those expert systems are typically written using simulation tools, CAD tools such as MATLAB, and so on. Under the covers the configuration tools that we make available to end users, vs. the tools that we make available to our in-house users, are pretty much the same.

We might actually relax the specs a little bit. So for example when we are designing a product internally – it’s our own engineers using the tool – we might allow them to be bolder than we would allow our end users. So, for example, to use a racing analogy: our internal users might develop a car that would get pole position and be two seconds ahead of everybody else. Whereas for end users we don’t need to be that fast; we don’t need to push the envelope that much. We can be more conservative, and the more conservative we are, the more predictable the tools is going to be.

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