Electronic Design Article Explains How DCMs and ZVS Buck Regulators Help Engineers Meet Railway Standards

March 2, 2015

electronic designElectronic Design has just published Rails for Rails, an article by Stephen Oliver that discusses the requirements of power systems developed for railway applications.

With applications operating in rolling stock, lineside, platform, and terminal environments, electrical and mechanical specifications can vary considerably from rolling stock systems that much meet stringent specifications for parameters including shock, vibration, temperature and EMI to the relatively controlled environment of a terminal.

The article highlights the voltages generally used for rail applications, and the standards that apply to them. It then goes on to show how a combination of the Vicor DCM and Cool-Power ZVS Buck Regulators can be used to develop a two-stage architecture that addresses the challenges of source and load independently to optimise performance whilst combing simplicity, modularity, and flexibility.

To find out more about how the power chains developed using Vicor power components can meet the requirements of railway applications, read Rails for Rails on the Electronic Design website.

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