Broadband Power Amplifier Power Solution

February 26, 2015

One of the latest power chains in the Vicor Whiteboard of the Week series presents a design to supply a broadband power amplifier. These amplifiers present a real challenge to power systems engineers as their current requirements can change rapidly, requiring a fast transient response from the supply: in this application the customer specified a Pulse Loading of 7uS ON ,13uS OFF with a 40% Duty Cycle.

Vicor’s VI Chip PRMs and VTMs are an ideal solution, responding quickly to transient changes in power consumption without the need for large external capacitors.

Whiteboard of the week - broadband power amplifier

The solution shown on the whiteboard above delivers the required power with an overall efficiency of 91.62% at 25⁰C during the ON phase. Overall efficiency, across the loading cycle, is around 85%, with a power loss of just 12.75 W . Of equal importance as efficiency was the ability to control the output voltage over a wide range, and the light weight and small size – just 2145mm2.

The Vicor PowerBench Whiteboard allows anyone to architect, optimize and analyze power chains. Try it for yourself: click here to access this power chain for a broadband power amplifier and see how easy it is to modify parameters and components in the design.

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