Marco Panizza Describes the Vicor HVDC Demonstration at electronica 2014

January 5, 2015

Power Systems Design is featuring a video presentation presented by Marco Panizza, Vicor’s European application engineering manager, of a high voltage DC (HVDC) power distribution system from electronica 2014. The demonstration showcases the new VIA platform that was unveiled at electronica. The very low profile of the VIA packaging means that these compact components can fit behind bus bars.   The video shows how this maximizies the space available for the system’s electronics by freeing up the space that would previously have been used to mount power conversion components.

Designed using the Vicor power component design methodology, the system accepts a 380 V HVDC  input and converts this using a range of Vicor power components to drive several different loads including a factorized power architecture (FPA) application and an example of Vicor’s VR12.5 48 V direct-to-processor solution.

View the full video above, or visit the PSD website for more information.

[NM1]Not his title anymore.

[NM2]There were other inputs, too, weren’t there? AC.

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