Making Power Design Easy for the Embedded Engineer

January 27, 2015

embedded power webinarToday many embedded systems designers are also required to develop the power chain for their system. Although embedded engineers may not have the training or experience of power system specialists, there are now a range of tools that make it easy to develop efficient, reliable and power-dense solutions for embedded applications.

Typically there are two key elements in embedded power system design: product selection and design validation. Vicor offers tools that ensure the correct products are chosen, as well as analysis tools that will ensure the design will work reliably.

In this webinar, Robert Gendron, vice president of Vicor’s Picor division, focuses on the PowerBench Whiteboard, a new tool that automates many of the processes that would be undertaken during power chain development. He explains how it can be used to architect and analyze designs, enabling embedded engineers to produce high-performance power chains quickly and easily.

This half-hour webinar is a valuable overview of power system design for engineers who are not power specialists. Click to find out how to make embedded power design easy.

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