The Most Popular Blog Posts in 2014

December 31, 2014

At Vicor we are always working to generate content that engineers find useful, so we frequently check our website analytics to find out what is being read. Some of our popular articles are general technology overviews on topics such as EMI and Y-caps that were posted a couple of years ago.

The readers of the blog also liked new posts this year, particularly information about the first products based on our ChiP platform. You also liked the white papers that we made available through the blog.

The top 10 for 2014 are:

1 Back to Basics: What are Y-Capacitors?
Learn about these important filtering components
2 Back to Basics: Power Factor
What does Power Factor mean and why must we correct it?
3 Back to Basics: Zero Voltage Switching
What it is and why it’s important for Buck Voltage Regulation
4 Back to Basics: Meeting EMI for AC-DC Systems
Practical suggestions for minimizing EMI
5 A Novel Approach to Industrial Rectifier Systems
A white paper that we originally presented at PCIM 2014.
6 Download the Back to Basics eBook
Our eBook that collates all posts from the popular Back to Basics blog series
7 Do I Need Filtering on the Input and Output Side of the Converters?
Another back to basics post addressing the ever-popular topic of filtering
8 Vicor Launches First Product in Revolutionary ChiP Package
News about the launch of our Converter housed in Package platform that offers industry-leading power density and performance.
9 New ChiP BCM for HVDC: More Power, Higher Input Voltage
The upgraded ChiP BCMs that increased power density to 2750 W/in3
10 Everything is HVDC
Stephen Oliver’s influential opinion piece that describes the rapid adoption of HVDC power distribution across a wide range of applications.

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