New Technical Support Center (Taiwan) in Asia is Now Open – 亚太区台湾技术支持中心正式运营

December 15, 2014

Taiwan is an exciting market for us, with huge potential opportunities, especially in computing, industrial power and communications applications. To help power designers in the region, we have opened a new Technical Support Centre (TSC), where our experts will assist engineers in the development of advanced power management schemes for powering microprocessors and DDR memory, including Intel VR12/12.5 specification-compliant direct 48 V-to-processor power conversion techniques.

The new TSC opened today, with, and we spoke to Asia VP, Eric Wong, and Taiwan TSC Leader, Francis Weng., about the significance of the opening of our newest TSC:

Eric Wong, Vicor“Vicor is strongly committed to providing our innovative customers in Taiwan with the robust technical support that helps them establish and extend their competitive advantage in power system design. Leveraging high performance Vicor power components throughout the power chain – from source to point of load – customers can minimize design complexity, reduce costs and accelerate their time to market, thereby achieving the full value of the power component design methodology.” Eric Wong,Vice President of Sales and Marketing Asia Pacific.

Francis Weng, Vicor“The rapid growth of the High Performance Computing segment, especially the Datacenter segment, has been witnessed by the well-established server computing ODM ecosystem in Taiwan. With our innovative products and tools Vicor is well placed to support this growth. Other segments who will benefit from a local presence include the industrial, electric vehicle, networking, and telecommunication infrastructures. With our Taiwan team’s technical expertise and the customer advocacy, we look forward to provide the best-in-class support to our partners in the territory.” Francis Weng, Taiwan TSC Leader

The Vicor power experts at the center will provide advanced design services at every stage of the power system development process from power source to point of load, enabling customers in the competitive Taiwan market to use the power component design methodology to architect high performance power systems quickly and easily. The center will also offer support to customers in their own language. Now in Taiwan, we can support a large breadth of high performance applications, providing cost effective solutions for high density power conversion. This is Vicor’s value proposition.

Best wishes to Asia region and Taiwan TSC, having a bright future and bloomy business in 2015. Customers in Taiwan could click here to contact the center:

Telephone: +886-2-8751-6139



台湾是一个激动人心、蕴含巨大潜力、机会的市场,特别是计算机、工业和通讯应用领域。为了帮助该地区的电源设计工程师,Vicor建立了新的台湾技术支持中心,在这里,我们资深的技术专家将协助工程师开发先进的微处理器、DDR内存,包括英特尔VR12/12.5 从48V直接到处理器转换技术的电源管理方案。

新的台湾技术支持中心于2014年12月15日正式开张运营,我们采访了Vicor亚太区营销副总裁Eric Wong 和台湾TSC负责人Francis Weng,就我们最新的台湾技术支持中心对亚太区的重要性发表评论:

Eric Wong, VicorVicor亚太区营销副总裁Eric Wong表示:“Vicor致力于为我们在台湾地区的创新客户们提供强大的技术支持,帮助他们建立和扩大自己在电源系统设计方面的竞争优势。利用贯穿整个电源链——从源头到负载点——的高性能Vicor功率元件,客户可以最大限度地简化设计复杂性,降低成本,加快产品上市时间,从而实现功率器件设计方法的全部价值。”

Francis Weng, VicorVicor 台湾技术支持中心负责人 Francis Weng 表示:“高性能计算领域快速增长,特别是数据中心,大家有目共睹,已经在台湾建立起了完善的计算机服务器ODM生态系统。由于Vicor创新的产品和一系列的研发设计工具,我们将在台湾持续稳定增长。在台湾,其他领域如工业、新能源汽车、网络和电信基础设施领域也将充分受益于本土业务的开展。基于我们台湾团队专业的技术和客户支持,我们期待在本土为我们的合作伙伴提供一流的服务。”



电话: +886-2-8751-6139

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