Dave Berry Explains the Need for Holdup in COTS Journal

October 23, 2014

cots-journal-logoCOTS Journal has featured an article by Dave Berry, applications engineer at Vicor, explaining the requirements for holdup in COTS applications and how they can be met. Unlike less demanding applications, MIL-COTS systems have stringent requirements for power systems to continue operating when the input voltage is lost.

The article discusses some of the causes of transient input power failure, such as an aircraft switching from aircraft to ground power, or other systems switching from AC line to battery power. Dave then describes the factors that must be considered, including the power architecture and the placement of energy storage.

To learn how to meet these demanding specifications, including the use of PRMs and VTMs to minimize the board real estate required to store the required energy, you can go to COTS Journal‘s web site to read the article.

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