Power System for HVDC Distribution: Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week

September 30, 2014

The first featured Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week will let you analyze and experiment with a power conversion system for HVDC distribution. The system uses high voltage BCM converters to take an input that can range between 260 V and 410 V and produce two low-voltage rails at 48 V and 12 V, both of which supply 95 A.

hvdc whiteboard power chain of the week

This system was developed by one of our applications engineers to show customers how the ChiP BCMs could be used in data center HVDC applications. The solution is 97.4% efficient with a nominal input of 384 V at 25⁰C, and uses a total of four BCMs.

This application shows an interesting feature of the PowerBench Whiteboard that allows paralleled components to be shown together, simplifying the on-screen layout to make architecting and analyzing the system quicker and easier.

Experimenting with this system is an ideal way to learn more about the development of HVDC power distribution. Click here to access, modify and analyze this HVDC system design. We’ll be publishing interesting new whiteboards every week: keep checking the Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week landing page for more design inspiration.

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