Introducing the “Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week”

September 29, 2014

Tools play a critical role in the development of modern power systems, allowing engineers to design, optimize and analyze power chains quickly and efficiently. Vicor has created a number of important tools within our PowerBench suite.

Tools alone, however, aren’t the only answer. Engineers also need to understand how components can be used by seeing them in working designs: more experienced engineers will remember the cookbooks* that were a permanent fixture on every desk in the past. While the cookbooks themselves have gone, the popularity of reference designs shows that the idea lives on.

Whiteboard power chain of the weekAt Vicor we looked at how reference designs could evolve to meet the needs of today’s engineer. With modern tools it should be possible to publish designs in an interactive format, which would allow engineers to analyze the performance of the design and to experiment by modifying the circuit. The Vicor Whiteboard is an ideal platform for this, and so we have begun publishing weekly reference designs – our Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week.

Every week we’ll consider a different application, publishing a power chain that meets the specific needs of that system. Each of the Whiteboards Power Chains is a real solution that a Vicor applications engineer has put together for a particular customer requirement: the solutions have been tried and tested in the real world.

The first Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week is a high efficiency HVDC power distribution system.

We’ve built a detailed landing page, which includes other useful resources as well as a focus on the current design. Why not check out the current Whiteboard Power Chain of the Week today – and keep checking back to see the new ones.


* Cookbooks were books showing small circuits that could be reused by engineers. Many years ago the level of integration was limited, meaning engineers frequently had to create a standard function using several components. The cookbooks were reference guides that eliminated the need to continually re-design the same thing. If you’re a young engineer, just ask an older colleague to find out how much they loved these books.

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