Vicor PowerBench Tools: The Filter Design Tool

August 29, 2014

Input filters are a critical element of power systems, particularly when demanding EMI requirements must be met. But input filter design can be a complex and time consuming process. If you are responsible for input filter development, try the Vicor PowerBench® Filter Design Tool, a free online calculator that will help you develop a filter that meets your system’s requirements.

Filter Design Tool ScreenshotThe Vicor Filter Design Tool offers a wide range of options. You set the attenuation and frequency at which the attenuation is achieved, and then simply select the filter topology to be used from:

  • Parallel damped filter
  • Series damped filter
  • Simplified series damped filter
  • Two-stage filter
  • Simplified two-stage filter

The tool supports both regulated and unregulated DC-DC converters, and its interactive design allows you to quickly compare different topologies. Input capacitance, output power and voltage input can also be configured to match your system, and you can even manually modify the calculated values of the components to reflect real-world component parameters.

Once you have selected the filter, you can analyze the performance with a single click, checking the damping and stability as well as generating graphs for the filter transfer function and output impedance, and checking that it meets the attenuation design goal.

filter design tool transfer function graph

The Vicor Filter Design Tool is one of the many different PowerBench tools available on the Vicor Website. Try it today to speed up the design and analysis of your next input filter.

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