The New MIL-COTS PRM® Regulator

August 28, 2014

MIL-COTS PRMThe new Vicor PRM regulator (MPRM48NF480M500A00) is based on our VI Chip® platform, and provides power density of 106W/cm3 and efficiency of 97.7%. The new regulator delivers 500W output power in the same package size as our earlier generation 120W MIL-COTS PRMs. For applications such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) this fourfold increase in power density can provide a game-changing advantage.

Designers of military systems are acutely focused on achieving aggressive size, weight and power (SWAP) profiles that will give military vehicles greater agility to fulfill increasingly ambitious missions. Reducing the weight of UAVs pays large dividends, allowing them to carry more fuel, support more advanced payloads (radar, imaging, sensors, navigation and guidance, uplinks and downlinks), achieve longer flight times, and operate from shorter runways. While reducing the power consumption of the payload is important, there’s a limit to being able to do so with lower-power designs and still meet operational requirements. Therefore, reducing the weight of the power-supply subsystem is critical and can yield large benefits.

The new PRM regulator is optimized for operation with Vicor’s MIL-COTS Bus Converter Module (BCM®) in 270 VDC applications, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including HVDC aircraft systems.

Partitioning the isolation and regulation functions across two separate, ultra high density power components, gives designers added flexibility for power component placement compared to conventional brick modules, without compromising efficiency.

The surface mount packaging option enables designers to mount the components directly on the board, closer to where they’re needed within the system and allows greater conservation of space throughout the power supply subsystem. This stands in contrast with brick power modules which typically require mechanical mating to the assembly via through hole attachment.

The new PRM is conformant with MIL-STD-704E/F, and is packaged in through-hole and surface mount options

The online Vicor PowerBench® tool suite enables designers to easily configure, simulate and architect PRM-based power systems.


Key Specifications

  • Product size is 32.5mm x 22mm x 6.73mm (full chip); power density up to 106W/cm3
  • 97.7% typical efficiency at full load
  • Operating input range of 38 to 55 Vin
  • Regulated 20 to 55V output range (adjustable)
  • Available in surface mount and through hole assembly options


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