EDN Highlights the “Power Players” in the New War of Currents

August 31, 2014

EDN LogoSteve Taranovich, editor at EDN, has just written a fascinating article that discusses the new “War of Currents”. The emergence of HVDC power distribution has reopened the AC-DC debate, but Steve doesn’t see this as a winner-takes-all competition, rather he believes that both approaches will be used in a hybrid approach. As he says, maybe this means, “Tesla and Edison may now rest in peace”.

This article is a great companion to Stephen Oliver’s recent HVDC webinar series, where he was one of the first to suggest the concept of a new war of currents between AC and DC.

In the article Taranovich highlights several key players that are driving the adoption of new HVDC approaches, including the Emerge Alliance, The EU DC Components + Grid (DCC+G) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). He also describes the “Power Players”: companies with an extensive group of power management solutions for DC Power Distribution in the industry, and he includes Vicor in this important list.

Steve highlights the Vicor demonstration with Emerson at Intelec and electronica during 2012 as a milestone in the demonstration of the practicality of higher DC voltage for distribution, and also focusses on our comprehensive range of products to build complete power chains, saying “I believe that 400VDC to Point-of-load (POL) conversion is Green Energy’s future.”

To learn more about the new “War of Currents” and how Vicor is playing a key part in enabling HVDC distribution, read Steve’s insightful article.

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