White Paper: Leveraging Bus Converters in Regulated DC-DC Applications

July 3, 2014

PCIM White PaperThis paper, presented at PCIM 2014 by David Bourner, one of our applications engineers, provides a comparison between Factorized Power Architecture (FPA) and the Yeaman Topology in a regulated, high density DC-DC application. It describes a variant on FPA that utilizes a Power Component Methodology, and compares FPA solutions against the Yeaman Topology. A description of the investigation methods used and outcomes of various tests to establish performance metrics follow. Practical aspects of applying power components to both FP and YT architectures are followed by a summary of salient attributes for each system.

The Yeaman Topology can optimize the use of bus converters in array configuration if input and output voltage ranges in the application can be maintained relatively constant and their relative ratio is close to an even integer, while FPA (Factorized Power Architecture) helps engineers solve demanding power challenges which call for high levels of efficiency, power density, superior power handling and dynamic load capability.

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