Maurizio Salato Explains Why 48 is the New 12 in PSD Article

July 30, 2014

Power Systems Design (PSD) logoPower Systems Design (PSD) features an article by Maurizio Salato, director, power systems engineering at Vicor, which describes the transition from 12 V to 48 V power distribution in many data center applications.

In the article, Maurizio describes the rapidly increasing demands on data centers as IP-based traffic grows rapidly, resulting in a need for greater server density. The traditional approach of using “silver box” supplies to generate 12 V rails becomes unsustainable as racks demand 20 kW (1.7 kA at 12 V), or more.

Moving to 48 V power distribution, particularly when combined with new power components that directly convert 48 V to the voltages required by the processors, offers a number of benefits including reduction in required currents, lower harmonic content of the line current drawn, a reduction in the bill of materials required and the ability to use existing 400V/480V three-phase AC-to-48V DC apparatus. In the article Maurizio expands on these advantages and explains that this means the use of 48 V distribution results in higher reliability, better scalability, and greater power density.

Read the full article to learn more about the move from 12 V to 48 V in data centers.

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