Can You Answer Our Level 1 Test Questions?

June 17, 2014

Vicor spends a lot of time training our partners to understand our products and the needs of our customers. To make sure that our training has been understood our FAEs in the sales channel are tested. If you think you are an expert on Vicor and our products, why not try this level 1 (basic) test and see how well you score.

1. Can the PRM be used as standalone regulator?

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2. What are the basic difference(s) between the BCM and the VTM?

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3. What does the acronym IBC stand for in the realm of Power System Architecture design?

Question 3 of 6

4. Is there a thru hole mounting option offered for the VI Chips?

Question 4 of 6

5. Which input filter product is designed specifically for use with VI Chips?

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6. In a FPA design using the PRM and VTM which function does the VTM provide?

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