Analyze new DCMs’ Performance with PowerBench Whiteboard

June 30, 2014

We have added the new DC-DC Converter Modules (DCMs) to the portfolio of devices available on the Powerbench™ Whiteboard, allowing you to optimize and analyze power chains using these new components.

3623-dcm-whiteboard-exampleModels for both new devices are available, and we have also created some example schematics showing how the products can be used. The 4623 (46 x 23 mm) 600 W ChiP DCM with a nominal 290 V input is designed for systems using a HVDC bus. Although it is ideally suited for applications such as HV Li-Ion battery to 12 V systems, it can also be combined with Picor Cool Power ZVS Buck Regulators to create multiple output rails. The example DCM schematic includes three outputs: 13.8 V at 20 A, 5 V at 20 A and 3.3 V at 28 A, all powered from a 300 V 1.7 A supply.

3623 dcm whiteboard exampleThe schematic for the 320 W DCM housed in a 3623 (36 x 23 mm) ChiP package  provides 28 V at 4 A, 3.3 V at 20 A and 2.5 V at 30 A, and is an ideal application to analyze the system efficiency over the full input range of the DCM, from 16 to 50 V.

These example schematics are great tools to allow engineers to evaluate the performance of the new components in a realistic configuration. By modifying the operating temperature, it is also possible to evaluate the impact of making use of the double-sided cooling capability of the thermally-efficient ChiP package.

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