New DCMs Bring High Power Density without Increasing Design Complexity

May 20, 2014

One of the most common challenges for electronics design engineers is the need for power density. Hybrid electric vehicles, for example, are one of the many applications that must deliver high levels of power, yet optimizing the use of space is one of the critical design goals. At the same time that engineers need to balance these two technical requirements, commercial pressures mean that engineers are required to minimize development timescales.

The power component design methodology was pioneered by Vicor and helps engineers to develop power systems quickly and efficiently. We recently expanded our range of power components when we launched the first devices to use the ChiP platform, a new form-factor that provides many benefits, including flexible thermal design, and unparalleled power density.

Vicor ChiP DCMsToday we announced the first DC Converter Modules (DCMs) based on the ChiP platform. These components are regulated, isolated DC-DC converters that offer over two times the power density of competing solutions. This huge increase in density enables compact, efficient power supplies for a diverse range of applications.

Many applications will make use of the DCM together with other Vicor power components, particularly our Picor Buck regulators. Whilst many systems will drive multiple Buck regulators to generate different power rails from one DCM, the flexible design also allows paralleling to deliver higher power levels for demanding applications.

We launched two new pre-configured ChiP DCMs. The first is a 4623 (46 x 23 mm) 600 W ChiP DCM, that has a nominal 290 V input and 13.8 V output and is specifically designed for applications such as HV Li-Ion battery to 12 V systems.

The second device is a 320 W ChiP DCM housed in a 3623 (36 x 23 mm) package that accepts a wide (16-50 V) input range and delivers a regulated 28 V output, making it ideal for a range of applications including 28 V MIL-COTS systems.

With 93% efficiency and an innovative design that uses a high switching frequency, which minimizes the requirement for external filtering components, the new DCMs are easy-to-use power components that are flexible enough to address a wide range of applications.

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