An Online Whiteboard that Makes it Easy to Analyze Power Chains

May 7, 2014

Until now, architecting and optimizing power chains has required a manual approach, with systems sketched out on paper or a whiteboard attached to the wall. To calculate efficiency, engineers had to pull information from data sheets and work things out by hand. It’s not a precise process, and takes a lot of time. But now there is a better solution: our new PowerBench™ Whiteboard – an innovative online tool developed specifically by our engineers for engineers to analyze power system.

Using the PowerBench Whiteboard is simple. If you’ve used our Solution Selector to create a system using several components to meet your application’s requirements a single click will transfer the configuration to your Whiteboard; or start by drawing your power system, placing the components you will use from the library. Then you can introduce as many supplies and loads as your system needs and define their characteristics. You can even place resistances to simulate losses in power rails.

Whiteboard being used

Once you’ve configured your system, you are ready to analyze its performance. The PowerBench Whiteboard will detect and highlight any errors, such as exceeding the maximum input voltage for a component. If there are no issues, it will calculate the efficiency of each component and for the system as a whole. You can even investigate thermal performance: a couple of clicks are all that is required to change the operating temperature.

This is where it gets really interesting: the tool is designed to encourage experimentation and testing of ideas, just like a whiteboard. It’s simple to replace a component with an alternative, try a different topology or investigate the impact of changes in temperature, load or supply characteristics. Experimenting is quick, easy and, dare we say it, fun.

You can learn more about the PowerBench Whiteboard in our on-demand webinar Tools to Architect, Analyze and Optimize Power Chains or take advantage of this free tool and design a power system on your own Whiteboard today.

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