Vicor Provides Digi-Key with Another Geek Moment

April 8, 2014

The Digi-Key Another Geek Moment video series is a favourite for engineers, providing interesting and unusual demonstrations of the capabilities of different manufacturers’ products. In a recent video, a Vicor AC-DC supply is coupled with one of our IBCs, which steps down 48 V to 12 V, to start an all-terrain vehicle (ATV or quad bike).

The demonstration illustrates an important point: some applications require very high peak currents, which many power supplies struggle to deliver. The Vicor solution actually delivers a peak of 60.5A in the demonstration: an impressive figure, particularly given the compact size of the solution used.

Check out the Another Geek Moment video on the Digi-Key website for more information about the set-up and other Vicor videos.

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