Tools to Architect, Analyze and Optimize Power Chains: On-Demand Webinar

April 16, 2014

whiteboard-webinar-image-2We have a wide range of valuable online tools, created by our engineers to meet the specific needs of power systems developers on our website. Perhaps the most innovative are the PowerBench™ Solution Selector and Whiteboard, which allow you to create and analyze power chains optimized for your application. Our latest on-demand webinar, presented by Sean Crilly, our VP VI Chip Design Engineering, shows you how to use these tools to simplify your power system projects.

The Solution Selector identifies different power chain topologies that meet your requirements, allowing you to select the best approach for your design using the metrics that are important for you. The Whiteboard analyzes the design, allowing you to optimize the performance quickly and easily, replacing the traditional, inefficient hand-drawn approach.

During the webinar, Sean Crilly describes example applications, explaining how the tools can be used to create the optimum power chain. He also highlights the suite of reference designs for common applications that are available on the Whiteboard.

Topics covered include:

  • Using the Solution Selector to build topologies to meet you requirements
  • Selection of optimum topologies, based on figures of merit
  • Transferring your design to the Whiteboard
  • Modifying the design and simulating distribution resistance
  • Analyzing the power chain performance and thermal characteristics
  • The technology that powers the Whiteboard analysis

This on-demand webinar is a valuable resource to make development of power chains for your application faster and easier.  View the webinar today.

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