New BCM in ChiP Packaging Technology for HVDC: More Power, Higher Input Voltage

April 16, 2014

We have just announced a new BCM designed for HVDC applications. The new device follows the announcement of the first BCM to use the ChiP platform a couple of months ago, and offers improved performance and increased functionality.

The new device is optimized for up to 400 V DC nominal input voltage (260 to 410 V), supporting systems that use a 400 V HVDC bus, as well as those based on 380 V. It also offers significantly higher throughput, delivering 50V at 1.75 kW with 98% peak efficiency. This means a power density of 2750 W/in3, (167 W/cm³), 5x the performance of competing solutions. With the increased power throughput, the new BCM delivers a 45% improvement in power density over the 1.2 kW ChiP BCM.

6123 1.75 kW with PMBus CapabilityWe have also introduced digital telemetry and control for the portfolio of BCMs in the ChiP package, available as an option for the new 1.75 kW modules and previously announced 1.2 kW modules. A single PMBus™ compliant digital interface can be used by system designers to communicate with an array of BCMs for control, configuration, monitoring and other telemetry functions.

The new BCMs in the ChiP package offer even greater power density, and provide increased functionality to make it simpler for designers to create and control smart HVDC power distribution architectures.


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