How to Simplify Power Chain Selection

April 15, 2014

When creating a power chain, there are typically several different approaches that will achieve the electrical performance required. The challenge for engineers is to select the best approach, based on the requirements and constraints of the system, which might include factors such as PCB footprint, overall efficiency and cost.

solution-selector-screen-shotThe online PowerBench™ Solution Selector™ simplifies this process, automatically creating a range of possible solutions to achieve the outputs from a specified AC or DC input.

Power system developers can then evaluate the trade-offs inherent in each solution and select the most appropriate for their application based on key metrics. The Solution Selector will sort the results by footprint, parts cost, number of parts, or a “best fit” metric. The options can be further refined by applying filters to a wide range of factors such as operating temperature range, mounting style, regulation type, package type, etc. This approach ensures that the solution chosen will meet the constraints of the system as well as being optimized for the most important metric.

To allow more detailed analysis and to help the generation of reports, the solutions generated can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Once a solution has been chosen, engineers can perform more detailed analysis of the electrical and thermal performance of the power chain by exporting the design to the PowerBench Whiteboard. This is a powerful tool that analyzes the efficiency of a power chain, including losses in power rails.



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