Webinar Explains How to Analyze Power Chains with Vicor Whiteboard

March 18, 2014

monitorSean Crilly, VP VI Chip design engineering, will present a webinar on Thursday, April 10 that explains how power system developers can use Vicor PowerBench™ tools to dramatically cut the time required to design and analyze power chains.

Designing power chains is often an iterative process, with engineering sketching ideas on a whiteboard, estimating performance and then repeating the process for alternative approaches. This webinar demonstrates how the new PowerBench Solution Selector and Whiteboard online tools dramatically speed up the process.

During the webinar, Sean will walk through the design of a number of systems, explaining how the Solution Selector can be used to identify power system architectures and components to create a power chain that meets requirements. He will then demonstrate how the Whiteboard analyzes the electrical and thermal performance of each design, accurately calculating overall system efficiency. This allows engineers to quickly identify the most appropriate system for the application.

The webinar will also highlight the Whiteboard reference designs: power chains that have been designed to meet typical requirements of specific applications that can be opened and analyzed in the Whiteboard with a couple of clicks.

The live webinar will be held twice to ensure it is available at a time that is convenient for you:

Session 1: 13:00 GMT, 14:00 CET, 08:00 EST on Thursday, April 10

Session 2: 18:00 GMT, 13:00 EST, 10:00 PST on Thursday, April 10

Register for this webinar today to learn how these tools will save you time and ensure you select the optimum power system architecture and components for your next design.

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