Stephen Oliver Discusses Reversible Power in Electronic Design

March 4, 2014

ElecDesignArticle-imageIn most systems, power flows from the source to the load in a single direction. Increasingly, however, a main power source is coupled with a battery that requires both charging and discharging circuitry. In this Electronic Design article, Stephen Oliver, VP of Vicor’s VI Chip product line, describes the conventional approach to this problem – the use of two anti-parallel power converters – contrasting it with a new approach that uses a bi-directional voltage transformation function to improve efficiency and power density.

The rapid adoption of hybrid technologies in transportation is a good example of an application that can benefit from the approach described by Oliver. The article discusses the use of bi-directional power components in perhaps the most challenging transportation environments: earth moving, construction and military vehicles, describing applications where a 25% reduction in fuel consumption has been achieved through the use of hybrid power systems.

Whilst Oliver’s article focuses on heavy vehicle applications, the approach described is relevant to a wide range of applications that combine a main power source with a battery. Learn more by reading ‘Reversible Power Improves Versatility today’.

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