On-Demand Webinar Explains How HVDC Changes Hybrid Transportation Power Systems

March 20, 2014

HVDC WebinarsHybrid automotives are now commonplace, as the fuel savings offered by a hybrid approach are compelling for many drivers.  And it is estimated that more than 30% of the vehicles in the world will use some kind of hybrid power in 2025.

This on-demand webinar rebroadcast explains why the use of High Voltage DC (HVDC) power distribution is key to ensuring efficiency, particularly in more demanding transportation applications such as construction vehicles. HVDC also offers the opportunity to reduce size and weight of the power systems, enabling extended range, higher performance and lower cost.

In some transportation applications, for example construction and earth-moving equipment, a substantial proportion of the power used is employed by auxiliary functions, ranging from hydraulics to passenger comfort systems such as air conditioning. Hybrid systems can replace hydraulics with electric motors and run other systems with the diesel engine turned off, enabling even greater fuel savings.

The on-demand webinar HVDC in Hybrid Automotive, Earth-Moving Equipment and Transportation Applications, presented by Stephen Oliver, VP of the VI Chip division, covers:

  • Hybrid trends in automotive and transportation systems
  • The causes of energy wastage in large diesel vehicles
  • The benefits of HVDC in transportation applications
  • HVDC schematics for commercial and industrial land vehicles
  • How to use bi-directional converters to enable charging and regenerative braking vehicles
  • New power components that simplify HVDC design in transportation applications

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