EE Times Europe Discusses Technology Trends with Phil Davies

March 28, 2014

EE Times Europe LogoEE Times Europe journalist, Paul Buckley, recently interviewed Phil Davies, Vicor’s VP Global Sales & Marketing, about the trends in power system architectures. In the interview, Phil describes the most important changes to power conversion, including the emergence of HVDC, the demand for higher efficiencies and the importance of tools that help reduce development cycle time.

Phil-Davies-vicorA key theme Phil identified is the need for higher power densities: systems demand more power, yet have less space available. Phil discusses how circuit topologies and improved thermal design – particularly recent advances in power component packaging – are addressing these issues.

As power systems become more complex, Phil talked about how designers don’t just need better components; they also need tools that help them accurately predict electrical and thermal performance, whilst reducing the time required for development.

Learn more about the trends that are changing power system design by reading the interview with Phil Davies.

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