Doug Ping Discusses the Importance of Packaging in Power Systems Design

March 13, 2014

Power Systems Design (PSD) logoThe March 2014 issue of Power Systems Design (PSD) North America features an article by Doug Ping that discusses the importance of packaging and thermo-mechanical design for power components.

advanced-power-packaging-psd-2014 Doug PingIn the article, Doug explains how the increase in functional density, and the corresponding requirements for better thermo-mechanical design, coupled with the need for converters that can be located closer to the load, have influenced the development of power components. The article describes how the introduction of bricks (and subsequently fractional brick form-factors) contributed significantly to improvements in power density, and then discusses recent advances in power component packaging technology.

The article is a great overview of the development of power component packaging, as well as explaining why innovative thermally-efficient platforms such as the new ChiP package are so important to power system designers. Click here and go to page 33 to read the article today.

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