Marco Panizza to Present Battery Charging Paper at DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK Forum

February 17, 2014

Marco PanizzaMarco Panizza, our European applications engineering manager, will present a paper at the DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK battery and chargers developer forum (ENTWICKLERFORUM: Batterien und Ladekonzepte 2014) on Wednesday, 19 February at 2:30pm. The paper will explain how the Sine Amplitude Converter (SAC) technology developed by Vicor can be used to create a bi-directional power system architecture for battery-powered applications.

The SAC is a high-frequency resonant topology that is bi-directional by nature, allowing it to be used to act as the interface to a battery during charging, as well as when powering DC loads. Marco will describe the operation of the SAC, the inherent bi-directional nature of the topology and the structure of a battery interface using power components that are build using the SAC topology.

The DESIGN&ELEKTRONIK battery and chargers developer forum in 2014 will be the 21st time that this event, which is one of the leading battery power conferences in Europe, has been held. In addition to the presentation by Marco Panizza, other topics addressed during the conference include selection of the best battery technology, optimal loading of cells and maximizing battery life.

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